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It's Your Move is Colorado's best source for games, puzzles, fun, gags, magic and more. We help people of all ages find ways to fit more fun into their lives. From toddlers to teens to seniors, we have games and more to inspire laughter and enjoyment. We are a family business, locally owned since 1976.


We carry a variety of brands in our stores including Magic The Gathering, Days of Wonder, Hasbro, Fantasy Flight Games, Kem, Parker Brothers, Mayfair Games, Zman Games, Suns Out, Melissa & Doug, Out of the Box, Rio Grande Games, Playroom Entertainment, Ravensburger, Loony Labs, Steve Jackson Games and Think Fun.


Specific games include Settlers of Catan, SET, Racko, Loaded Questions, Candy Land, Blokus, Rook, Chess, Mah Jongg, Backgammon, Munchkin, Killer Bunnies, Go, Mexican Train, Chicken Foot and Spinner Dominoes, Mille Bornes, Uno, Tripoly, Pit, Rock’m Sock’m Robots, Monopoly, Po Ke No, Five Crowns, Scrabble, Bannanagrams, Quidler, Game of Thrones, Star Wars X-wing, Balderdash, Cranium, Fact or Crap, Dirty Minds, Operation, Clue, Boggle and SO much MORE! 


If you have any questions regarding games or brands we carry, you may call us, visit any one of our locations or fill out the form on the contact page of this website.